JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – After a round of calls seemed to be going nowhere, a frustrated Jackson resident reached out to WJTV 12 News for help.

On Thursday, a toppled over fire hydrant sent water gushing into Beth Degruy’s yard on Kimwood Drive and Belle Glade Street.

The Jackson resident tried calling the city about this problem and was referred to two other numbers. The work order was finally placed.

“The city came out yesterday afternoon probably around 5:30 or 6:00. It was after dark and started work on the hydrant. It was quite a job. They had a backhoe and had to dig up the yard, but they got the problem taken care of,” said Degruy.

Degruy’s yard said the water pressure is now back up. She also believes the media attention helped. The problem was fixed a little while after the story aired on WJTV 12 News.

“It’s a relief. It was more than just a leak. It was a flood, and so I think everybody in the neighborhood is relieved. We just really appreciate the workers. They worked late at night to get the problem fixed, so we really all appreciate that,” she stated.