Tornado devastates eastern Alabama

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A devastating tornado outbreak hits several states in the south. At least 23 people died this weekend in Alabama.

 As Mark Strassmann reports, the damage is described as”catastrophic.”: 

The tornado was at least a half-mile wide when it touched down in Lee County, Alabama shredding everything in its path leaving homes and businesses in the rubble. People had all of 20 minutes warning to find shelter before the massive tornado devastated the area.

I have not seen this level of destruction, ever,” said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

The National Weather Service says the tornado was at least an EF-3 – with winds between 136 and 165 miles per hour. 

“Our primary focus is assisting those who have lost their homes and certainly their loved ones and concentrating on our search and rescue efforts. 

Many of the storm victims lived in Beauregard, Alabama including 6- year-old A.J Jernandez Jr., on social media his aunt called him “A precious little man.”

But there were also stories of survival. Cameras caught an emotional moment as a grandmother was reunited with her granddaughter. In nearby Smiths Station, a popular bar gutted to the studs. The owner David McBride was sitting in his truck just feet away. 

“I saw the trash swirling in the air across the field over there. Then I said, ‘Oh, no, this ain’t good.”

Just across the street, Charlie Patel was inside as his gas station was torn to pieces. 

“I’m on the counter, and 10 seconds the tornado come and everything is gone, everything is destroyed.” 

Alabama wasn’t the only state to see some serious storms. There were more than a dozen reports of tornadoes in Georgia. in 2018, only ten people in the entire u-s were killed by tornadoes.

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