Tougaloo College holds final Voter Education Rally

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As the 2018 midterm-race wraps up candidates on both sides have expressed reaching out to young people and the importance it is to vote.

On the last night before Mississippian’s heads to the ballots one college has teamed up with organizations to educate their students to get out vote. 

Tougaloo College who’s held a couple different political rallies in the past closed out the 2018 midterm season with a bang tonight with one last voter education rally. WJTV 12’s Alex Love followed the event closely with the full report. 

On the eve of the 2018 midterm elections, the campus of Tougaloo set off an electric political atmosphere giving student’s one last reminder to get out and vote.

“We just bring everybody together to show how important it is for our black children, not even our black children, black young adults to vote,” Freshmen Tiffany Clark said. “You know we fought so long and hard for this especially black woman to vote, so now that we have a chance we need to push everyone who can vote to vote.”

“For them to come out and tell us vote, don’t forget to vote, vote, vote”, Tougaloo student Sherbria Green stressed. “And be an adman about it every day, well each one of us should go out and vote because they’ve really been on us about voting and I think voting is very important.”

Put on by officials from Mississippi M.O.V.E organization and the NAACP, students were treated with free pizza and live music while getting final tips on different candidates and where to go.

“Mike Espy, I actually know his daughter from a summer camp”, Justin Giles said. “So getting to know his personality, his family, his morals, I believe he’ll be a good candidate”,

“A lot of people think that when you vote it’s not for real like they don’t really look at us or take us for real, no every vote counts”, Green explained.

“I feel like this is our chance to actually be heard and make the change”, Tougaloo Sr. Akria Black stated. “This is our chance for them to know that we matter.”

Of the entire student population of Tougaloo College eligible to vote less than two dozen turned out to the ballots during the 2016 presidential election, now this year the University and NAACP officials are using new rallies like this to make sure young Mississippian’s get their voices heard.

“The numbers were alarming from the last Presidential Election”, Mississippi M.O.V.E Executive Director Mac Epps said. “There was 1126 on role and we only had approximately 20 people who voted. So we’ve been doing more rallies and events to encourage the students to get out and vote and how important they are to the election process.”

Volunteers from Mississippi M. O. V. E. also said they are offering transportation for any students who can’t make it to the polls, and the number you can call 662-305-6683.

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