Train Passenger talks about the moment Amtrak train crashed into a car

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A driver cheats death after crossing the lowered guardrails at a railroad stop.

The 17-year-old driver suffered serious injuries but non life threatening after ignoring the lowered traffic barriers and attempting to cross the train tracks.

However Jackson fire officials say they see this kind of thing way too often.

“Anytime a person survives an accident like that, they are blessed beyond measure,” Division Fire Chief Cleotha Sanders said. 

The 17-year-old driver of a Nissan risked her life to save a few extra minutes when she bypassed the flashing red lights and lowered guardrails at a rail road stop.

“The train could be moving very fast, when you think it’s not moving fast, so you can’t judge it, don’t take the opportunity to try to beat a train because you won’t win,” Sanders explained. 

Within seconds an Amtrak train full of travelers slammed into the car dragging it several feet.

“We just noticed that we came to an abrupt stop, so you know everybody was like this isn’t our stop what’s going on, we didn’t really know what had happened until we started seeing everybody come on scene,” Jasmine Thompson explained. 

Jasmine Thompson’s panic quickly turned into growing concern when the conductor came over the intercom and informed passengers they had hit a vehicle.

“I was just shocked, if anything, we were more concerned about the driver because you know when you hear that a car got into an accident with a train that’s going so fast, our main thought was, was the driver ok,” Thompson recalls. 

Sanders is urging drivers to take their time and obey the laws because the next person might not be so lucky.

“You think about a can of tuna… when you take that and just smash it into really smithereens, and that train effect hitting a vehicle just like that, a vehicle is no match for a train,” Sanders said. 

No one on the train was injured during the crash and the driver of the car is expected to be okay.

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