“Turn around! Don’t drown!” Officials begin closing roads, flood areas

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MDOT is monitoring flooding Saturday, as a result of heavy rainfall.

The department is coordinating with other officials to possible close many roads, in all areas that could be affected.

“Flooding is a top weather related killer,” the MDOT said in a press release about the matter.

“Most flood deaths occur at night when people become trapped in a stalled vehicle in a flooded area.”

Following these measures can help ensure safety for you and your family, the MDOT says:

Avoid already flooded areas.

A flowing stream can carry a vehicle downstream.

Never drive through a flooded area.

Always remember to TURN AROUND, DON’T DROWN!

If you are driving at night, be especially cautious as it is harder to recognize flood conditions.

Never drive around a barricaded road.

If your vehicle stalls, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. Rising water can engulf a vehicle and its occupants.

“MDOT crews will continue to monitor the potential for flooding and maintain the safety of motorists in the affected counties.”

The public is asked to report any flooded roadways they see, which could impact travel to local law enforcement agencies.

Live flood and road closure updates can be found at MDOTtraffic.com.

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