PIKE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Pike County deputies responded to an attempted robbery at a home on Summit Holmesville Road on Wednesday, December 21.

Deputies said a local pastor came home to find two men inside his home with firearms. The suspects allegedly tried to rob the pastor but were unsuccessful. They also allegedly attempted to steal the pastor’s truck but ended up getting stuck.

The pastor ran from his home to call for help, and deputies said the suspects began firing at him. The pastor was unharmed and was able to escape. The suspects then ran into the woods near the home.

While at deputies were on the scene, a white Ford F-250 pickup saw the deputies and attempted to turn around in the roadway. Deputies then attempted to stop the truck, but the four suspects fled.

A high-speed chased followed, and the truck ended up crashing on Garner Cemetery Road in Walthall County. The multiple suspects allegedly ran from the truck armed with various firearms.

Law enforcement surrounded the area and were able to take two suspects into custody, along with three firearms.

Lakeviae “Bangman” James and Sedale Payton, both of Tylertown, were arrested. The other two suspects were able to evade authorities.

According to deputies, the pickup truck had switched licensed plates and had been reported stolen from Hattiesburg.

At this time, some of the suspects have been identified but their names are being withheld because of the ongoing investigation. Investigators said all suspects are active members in a non-recognized hybrid street gang called DOA (Dead on Arrival).

Anyone with information about the incident can call Pike County Sheriff’s Office at (601)-783-6767 or Crime Stoppers at (601)-869-7141.