JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Two Jackson teens have been arrested in connection to the shooting death of their mother’s fiancé.

Police said Hakemia Kelly was shot and killed on Saturday, June 18 inside a home on Thousand Oaks Circle. According to investigators, a domestic dispute took place between Kelly and his fiancée before her two sons returned home and shot Kelly.

Neighbors said the death was an unfortunate incident.

“It’s saddening because I’ve got a son in the neighborhood, and he is the same age as the suspects. That’s why it hits home for me, but it’s a tragedy for all parties. I hate it happened. I just wish we could do better as a community,” said Chris Varnell, a Jackson neighbor.

Jackson police said the teens have been identified as Jamarie Taylor, 18, and Jaden Taylor, 14. Police said Jaden will be charged as an adult for murder, and Jamarie will be charged with accessory to murder.