EL PASO, Texas – An ABC-7 camera was rolling as a group of undocumented immigrants used a rope ladder to climb over the border barrier in South El Paso. 

It happened at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday near the Border Highway and Fonseca.

The group was climbing the border barrier not too far away from where a group of Border Patrol agents rescued a man stuck in a canal grate. 

ABC-7’s Jerry Najera reported seeing about seven migrants, including a woman, using the rope ladder to climb over the barrier into the U.S.

As soon as the migrants made it to U.S. soil, what appeared to be a federal immigration agent pulled up in an unmarked unit and activated the unit’s lights and sirens. He was seen calling Border Patrol agents to the scene before telling the migrants to stop.

The group of migrants was then seen climbing the border barrier in an effort to return to the area south of the barrier.