Vicksburg church helps people clean up after devastating weekend storm

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The Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief organization gives people the resources to help put their lives back together after disaster strikes.

It’s a major part of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board that many people don’t realize exists but they provide help free of cost for anyone who needs it.

In the face of tragedy many people don’t know where to turn. Within seconds their lives are flipped upside down, and many times the emotional and mental damage can be just as great as the physical damage.

“People are really shocked at the time they don’t know where they’re going to stay, is insurance going to pay for it, a lot of them don’t have family close by, there’s a problem with where they’re going to sleep tonight,” David Baldwin with Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief, explained. 

It’s in that moment the men and women with the Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief step in to help bringing along their tractors, chainsaws, tarps and spiritual guidance.

“In the area that we were working in there are maybe 5 or 6 houses that looked like they were totally destroyed. One guy, a friend of mine, a tree came down and split his home in half and he was joking and said he always wanted to live in a duplex and now he was,” David McDonald, also with the organization, said. 

McDonald says he’s always amazed to see how positive people are, “Usually an event like this brings out the best in people. I’ve seen that time and time again.”

“There’s a lot of things going on, they may not have power, they may not have food, they may not have a house to stay in, so they’ve got  a lot of things clouding their mind, so we just try to calm them down,” Winky Freeman with the organization said. 

The group takes this time to help families heal, from the outside, in.

“We love doing it because we’re helping people sharing the love of Christ with them, when we do it that’s why we do it, it’s not just the work but we’re Christians, and we’re here because the Lord wants us to reach out to people,” Baldwin said. 

The Mississippi Baptist Disaster Relief does not accept donations but they ask that people donate to the American Red Cross or The Salvation Army if they are interested in giving back.

If you need assistance you can sign up at the First Baptist of Vicksburg at 1607 Cherry Street anytime Monday through Friday 8 am to 5 pm. 

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