VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Vicksburg leaders have taken a step back from an ordinance that would require cameras outside of businesses and shopping malls in order to combat crime in the city.

“I think cameras are another tool to prevent and help prevent, and at the same time, reduce crime in a city. What we want In Vicksburg is law and order, and we’re going to do everything in our means to get it,” explained Mayor George Flaggs.

In August 2021, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen passed a “Building and Parking Lot Security Ordinance,” which required all Vicksburg businesses and shopping centers with 25 parking spaces or more or buildings 2,000 square feet or larger to install cameras in buildings surrounding or facing the parking lot. The cameras were also required at entrances and exits.

“I have access to every camera in the City of Vicksburg. I can see crime, or I can see an employee doing something that shouldn’t be done, and I can immediately call that department attention. Every camera in Vicksburg is posted right there,” said Flaggs.

On Monday, the board amended the ordinance to replace the sentence that makes the cameras mandatory due to economic hardships. However, the board are still encouraging businesses to have cameras.

The mayor is pushing a proposal to the IT department for the city to purchase 50 additional security cameras. If purchased, these cameras would be places in areas with high volumes of 911 phone calls.