Vicksburg locals rely on church and food trucks for shelter and meals

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Electricity and resources are still scarce for many in Vicksburg and Warren County.

But as Alex Love reports organizations and churches have shelters and food distribution set up until power can be restored in homes and businesses.

Many in Vicksburg are wrapping up day three with no power and damaged homes but together food trucks and churches are providing shelter and free meals for victims and first responders.

Roads are still blocked and power lines are down, but people still need to be fed.

“A lot of the residents without power and a lot were affected,” community organizer Shawn Jackson said. “So if we figured if we got the food trucks here they can access food a lot easier.”

Even though many survived the tornado and storm grocery stores remain closed and with no power locals are unable to cook and store food.

“If you got electric anything you’re just done so all of my food went bad,” Vicksburg native Amelia Johnson said. “I couldn’t cook food up because my stove is electric you know everything in my house is electric so it was kind of hard on me.”

So with the help of various food trucks Shawn Jackson arranged for free meals to be given out daily.

“We’ve had people on Facebook assess needs of elderly people in other people who live in other areas,” Jackson stated. “And have actually come down and gotten plates and taken to other people and taken plates to first responders.”

Meanwhile up the road the First Baptist Church of Vicksburg has partnered with the Red Cross and MEMA to do their part putting up shelter.

“Right now we’re expecting about 50 people,” shelter director Larry Daggett told us. “Our main goal is to serve people and to help them out through this hard time in their life. A lot of people are having some serious issues that they have to deal with and so we’re trying to help them do that.”

Once people get signed in they can stay here at the church for three days with a cot to sleep on, a blanket, and supply bag plus three hot meals served each day.

“The reason we do it is to serve god and serve the people and let them know they’re cared for,” Daggett said. “And that they’re loved and that there’s help here for them.”

The Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief was also set up at the shelter offering free tree cutting service for those whose homes were damaged.

The Vicksburg Warren County school district will be back open tomorrow but all students and staff are encouraged to proceed to school with caution.

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