Vicksburg works tirelessly to restore services, clear storm damage

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Not just one, but two F-2 tornados hit Vicksburg Saturday.  The city is still peppered with power outages and clean up efforts are in full swing.

More than a thousand are without power despite the best efforts of leaders. Roads are blocked off in and around Bowmar Avenue. Power poles leaned precariously and debris piled up against what was left of trees and homes.

Jerry Chiplin is understandably worried.

“I have to be ln a breathing machine and I have a refrigerator and deep freezer full of food, and I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Neighbor Freddie Thompson headed out to find a generator.

“I waited and waited and waited, and when I could no longer wait I called the rescue unit who came out… and with the help of a generator we were able to lay her back down and I cleaned her up.” 

Mayor George Flaggs says he believes business owners became local heroes.

“Had it not been for Kroger and the retailers in the strip mall, we probably would have had some fatalities because Kroger management took it upon themselves and told everyone to close the door, don’t go to the parking lot.”

Sheriff Martin Pace says the best thing folks can do is to follow the rules set up by the city.

“Those barricades sit there for a purpose and not a suggestion. That is a traffic violation command, and if you go around that barricade you do stand to be ticketed.” 

The area is not a complete stranger to the devastation of a tornado. In 1973 one of the deadliest tornadoes in Mississippi history hit the area.

Public schools in Vicksburg and Warren County will be closed Tuesday, while people continue the business of getting their lives back in order.

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