Vicksburg’s Haunted House: Duff Green Mansion

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)- We’re heading into the weekend and as usual Walt Grayson has a story to wrap up the week.

And we’re heading into fall, too- and fall brings turning leaves, cooler weather, and Halloween. With that in mind, where are we off to today, Walt?

Walt: How about a visit to a haunted house? And we will call this a “reluctant” haunted house because the owner has mix emotions about the house having the reputation as “haunted.”

Harley Caldwell/Owner, Duff Green Mansion, Vicksburg: No. It’s too beautiful to be just associated with being a haunted house. And there’s so much history here.

Walt: That’s the dilemma Harley Caldwell finds herself in with her Bed and Breakfast in Vicksburg, the Duff Green Mansion. But the problem is- the house really does seem to be haunted.

Harry Sharp/Former Owner, Duff Green Mansion: Absolutely. The first time we were in here we heard some noises. We heard heavy, heavy footsteps coming up the 27 steps from this floor to the top floor where our bedroom was then located.

Alicia Sharp/Former Owner: I mean it was loud coming up those steps. And it would wake me up and it was every night about three o’clock.

Walt: In all the years the Sharps owned and operated the Duff Green Mansion they heard things and saw things-

Harry: Doors slamming…

Walt: And their children heard things and saw things-

Harry: The running of feet up and down the corridor.

Walt: And their Bed and Breakfast guests heard things and saw things.

Harry: We’ve had reports, at least a hundred reports of seeing the same Confederate soldier sitting by the fireplace clutching his amputated leg.

Walt: Even Harley, as reluctant as she is to allow the house to be known as haunted has to admit the occurrences haven’t stopped.

Harley: A lady this morning said that somebody was tickling here during the night and she was convinced that it was little Annie.

Walt: And that guest didn’t even know about the ghosts until she was tickled awake and then Googled the house and discovered it was haunted. But she stayed. Matter of fact, the occurrences never seemed to bother the majority of the guests.

Harry: We only had two guests over the years that we owned this place, for 35 years, we only had two that walked out in the middle of the night because they were too afraid to stay here.

Alicia: So there is something here. It’s just a question of what.

Walt: But Harley, the current owner, is not to be deterred over a few bumps in the night or visions in the parlor.

Harley: I have gone entirely too far to let the ghosts run me off now.

Walt: That’s the spirit Harley- If “spirit” is the proper word to use in this context.

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