AMITE COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – A video that surfaced on social media called attention to how a school in Amite County handled a situation between a security guard and a student.

The student, Je’Quan Robinson, was suspended due to a prior incident. When he returned to the school, the situation escalated.

Amite County School District Superintendent Don Cuevas said the ninth grader was not supposed to return to school property until after a hearing was set for a prior incident. Robinson allegedly set a trash can on fire.

Robinson’s mother, Sharonda Harris, said she was told her son could resume class after his three-day suspension.

On Friday, video showed a situation between Robinson and the school’s security guard, Christopher Bell. Harris claimed excessive force was used on her son.

“You could have really hurt him. That’s a head injury. You could have put him in a coma. You could have paralyzed him,” said Harris.

“It went dark. I don’t remember anything that happened,” said Robinson.

WJTV 12 News asked Cuevas if the district plans to have further training for the security guard in the future. He said the security guard would take part in further training.

Bell was allegedly involved in another incident involving a different student in October 2021.

After her interview with WJTV 12 News, Harris said she was contacted by school leaders to set up a hearing date.