Walt Grayson: Flower bulb producer to the world ‘planted’ in Mississippi

Local News

April showers bring May flowers according to the old legend, but to get those flowers you have to have planted them to begin with.

Walt Grayson takes us into the weekend with a Focused on Mississippi story, about where many of our flowers may have come from.

A lot of gardeners share cuttings and bulbs, but from time to time you buy bulbs and plants brand new.

The odds are, no matter where that flower originated, it came to you through Meridian, Mississippi.

In winter and early spring Van Zyverden’s in Meridian, Mississippi buzzes with people unpacking bulk flower bulbs, from Holland in particular, but from all over the world really, getting them repacked for us to buy them from the big box stores or the garden centers at the big home and building warehouses.

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