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 Today is the opening day of the Neshoba County Fair. But the people who own the cabins here have been getting ready for this day for weeks.

WJTV 12’s Walt Grayson visited the fairgrounds the other day to see what people are doing to prepare for the actual run of the fair. Walt? What did you find out?

Well, mostly before the opening day the cabin dwellers are cleaning up and resting up and taking a deep breath before the busiest week of the year.

(Neshoba County MS) It’s really kind of eerie driving down the lanes between the rows of cabins prior to the opening of the Neshoba County Fair. For one thing, you CAN drive down those lanes. During the run of the fair, these little capillaries are more congested than Lakeland Drive during rush hour. But just prior to opening, the calm before the storm there is last minute unpacking- moving a household from home to a cabin. To tidying up- undoubtedly an effort that will more than likely get obliterated on day one- the MORNING of day one.

So why do all of this? Oh, there is the camaraderie of seeing old friends and the activities of fair week- the races, the parties, the politicians. But talk to folks who own these cabins and pretty much one theme arises, this is family week.

Tom and Shirley Cox have been coming to the fair for a very long time.

Of all the other things it is, the fair offers a commodity that not a lot of families have a lot of time for, anymore.

Shirley Cox says, ” It’s a big family reunion. All my children come and we have three. And our grandchildren, we have eight. Great-grandchildren, we have five.”

Jo Helen Daly is getting ready for a family. This is a new cabin for them. It gets its maiden voyage this run of the fair. The bunk beds are built-in. And there are name-tags over towel racks for the kids, and everybody else, too.

>>Jo Helen Daly says, “I look forward to our family being together all week long. It’s so hard to get families together nowadays when we’re spread out.”

Tracy Tinsley took a break on the front porch with her son Thomas. Thomas has been coming to the fair all of his life.

Thomas Tinsley says, “They brought me out here, I was a week old and haven’t missed a fair since and don’t plan on it.”

Tracy uses these last hours before the official opening day to finish the necessities.

“Get the things out of the downstairs area to the porches. Because this is the outdoor living area”, said Tinsley

Tracy’s favorite thing about living the Neshoba County Fair life-

Tracy says, “Actually, watching my children love it is really the best time for me.”

Time passes so quickly especially the older you get. And as scattered as we are nowadays, the magnetic power of the cabins at the Neshoba County Fair to hold families in contact with each other at least one week a year is something not many of the rest of us have. Well, except maybe for Facebook.

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