Jackson, Miss – (WJTV) A stretch of road and it’s businesses in Jackson faced a Water Outage this morning going into the afternoon. WJTV 12’s Alex Love went out to the site today with reaction from those affected.

From the intersection of Country Club Drive to the overpass of I-220, residents and businesses across West Northside Drive had an unusual start to their weekend, going without any running water for as much as six hours.

Many businesses and Church goers were hit without warning heading out today, by a common yet inconvenience side affect from water main repairs causing a Water Outage.

Starting at 7:00am when repairs were being done on the south side of the street, people were forced to get by without any access to water fountains, sinks, or bathrooms.

One business hit the hardest was the Superclean Autowash who found themselves turning customers away at a time when they’re usually the busiest.

While many emphasized the need for better infrastructures around the city, the timing left them scratching their heads.

City Council officials also said a precautionary boil water advisory will be in affect for those establishments on the street once the outage is lifted in efforts to kill any bacteria that could possibly be in the water.