JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Dealerships and the entire U.S. economy could start to feel ripple effects, depending on how long auto workers continue their strike.

With the big three automakers all on hold, brands such as Ford, Buick and Cadillac could soon begin to run out of inventory.

At Cadillac of Jackson, a prolonged strike could bring delays in repairs, as well.

“It won’t be as much, but we will still have new vehicles on the lot to sell to our customers. We rely heavily on parts that come to come from General Motors, so there may be a slow in parts to fix some of our vehicles. Let’s just say that they stopped making vehicles, we still have a pipeline of vehicles for the next 60 to 90 days. So, it won’t affect us dramatically right off,” said Jon Hill, executive general manager of Cadillac of Jackson.

This strike along is unlikely to push the economy into a recession, but Mississippi, along with the rest of the country, could see price increases among impacted brands. Mississippi also has the help of Nissan and Toyota plans across the state.

“Depending on how long it goes, it could be some difficulty in finding certain models of vehicles. In Mississippi, we’re home to two manufacturing plants in Nissan and Toyota that are not really affected by the strike because it’s against the big three U.S. manufacturers,” explained Corey Miller, the state economist.

In the meantime, Cadillac of Jackson is optimistic that a deal will be struck soon.

“We want a resolution not only for the OEM, but for the workers as well. So, we’re going to be optimistic that they come to a resolution very soon,” said Hill.