JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As the capital city of Mississippi, Jackson is home to more than a dozen museums that encapsulate the state’s rich history and culture. Mississippians and tourists alike can visit Jackson’s many museums to learn about a wide variety of topics like the Civil Rights Movement, sports, agriculture, the Civil War, cultures, art and more.

Each museum has its own unique mission and goal for visitors. Learn more about each museum and plan a visit with your friends or family.

Mississippi Children’s Museum

  • The mission of this museum is to inspire excellence and a lifelong joy of learning. This mission is accomplished with hands-on, engaging exhibits and programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, art, math, health and nutrition. The museum’s goal is to help children mature into healthy and productive adult learners.

Mississippi Museum of Art

  • This art museum aims to connect visitors to Mississippi’s culture, history, communities and to each other. It’s a place of learning, growth, of genuine human connection and of artistic inspiration. By inspiring curiosity and conversation, art brings challenging topics to the table in a meaningful way. 

Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center

  • Through art, artifacts, photography and more, African Americans are celebrated at this museum, evoking a greater understanding of the African American experience in the deep south. This museum is dedicated to increasing public understanding and awareness of the historical experience and cultural expressions of people of African descent.

Old Capitol Museum

  • The Old Capitol is Mississippi’s most historic building. The building has been restored to its original grandeur and reopened by the state as a free museum, focusing on the distinguished history of the building and the events that took place in it.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

  • The museum’s mission is to promote understanding and appreciation of Mississippi’s biological diversity through collections, research, scientific databases, education and exhibits; and to inspire the people of the state to respect the environment and to preserve natural Mississippi.

The Oaks House Museum

  • The Boyd House, or “The Oaks,” is one of Jackson’s oldest dwellings. The Greek Revival-style cottage was built around 1853. The house is one of few extant structures that survived the burning of Jackson in the Civil War. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the home and its story.

Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

  • The goal of this museum is to preserve Mississippi’s culture and heritage in a tangible way. The museum’s 22 exhibits explore the state’s agriculture industry, forestry industry and more. Visitors learn more about the state while exploring the museum’s gardens, barns, farmstead, general store and more.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

  • This museum’s eight galleries chronicle the events of the national Civil Rights Movement that took place in Mississippi. The museum takes visitors through the sweep of Mississippi history and the state’s role as ground zero in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement. 

Museum of Mississippi History

  • This museum explores over 15,000 years of Mississippi history through innovative exhibits, educational programs and hundreds of artifacts. Its exhibits cover slavery and cotton, the secession, Civil War and Reconstruction, advancements in agriculture and industry, social change movements and more.

Medgar and Myrlie Evers Home National Monument

  • Medgar Evers, the first NAACP field secretary and prominent civil rights activist and organizer, was assassinated at his home in 1963. This private home, now a National Historic Landmark, has been turned into a museum and restored to look as it did when the Evers family lived in it.

Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame

  • This museum celebrates the state’s incredibly rich history of producing world-class athletes and teams. The mission of the museum is to preserve, protect and promote Mississippi’s rich sports heritage for this and future generations.

International Museum of Muslim Cultures

  • This is the country’s first Muslim museum with the mission to educate the American public about Islamic history and culture and the contributions of diverse Muslim communities to the world.

Manship House Museum

  • This museum interprets the daily life of a 19th-century Mississippi family through the house the Manship family lived in for many years. Charles Henry Manship was the mayor of Jackson during the Civil War.