JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As Jackson enters into its fourth week under a citywide boil water notice, businesses and homes have been affected during this time.

The Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) issued the boil water notice due to high levels of turbidity in the water. They said the water could contain organisms that are unsafe for consumption.

As the city continues to test water samples to see when the water will be safe to use, one local doctor is concerned for neighbors.

Dr. Geri Weiland, a pediatrician and president of the Mississippi State Medical Association (MSMA), said if organisms are in the water, it wouldn’t take too long for a person to become severely ill. The organisms could cause stomach issues.

“When a boil water notice is displayed, it’s imperative that you should take it seriously, especially in connections to your health,” said Weiland. “My suggestion is that in order to stay hydrated, you should drink any available liquid other than the water that’s affected.

Weiland said if the water is needed, residents should take necessary measures such as boiling the water for one minute, which disinfects the water by killing the organisms.

If you can’t boil the water, MSDH suggests mixing eight drops of unscented household chlorine bleach, which is 5.25% sodium hypochlorite, per gallon of water. Mix the solution thoroughly and let stand for about 30 minutes before usage. This will kill the bacteria but not the parasitic organisms.

The City of Jackson is working towards providing bottled water cases to residents as much as possible at distribution sites until the problem is fully resolved.