FLOWOOD, Miss. (WJTV) – Multiple children had to be treated at local hospitals for exposure to chlorine and other pool chemical fumes in Flowood.

According to Flowood Fire Chief Jeffery Welborn, a facility employee failed to turn on the pool circulation pump after pouring chemicals into the water at the Flowood YMCA.

Once the pump was turned on, this caused fumes to enter into the air, which lead to irritation of the children’s health system. One local doctor said due to the children’s size, they are more susceptible to be adversely affected chemicals.

“Well, chlorine is a toxin, and we use it to kill bacteria in pools. And because of it, it can cause some irritation of the nose and the mucous membranes can cause problems. They get it in their throat, if it’s too much of a concentration, and respiratory problems can also occur. If there’s too much chlorine in a pool, it can cause a aerosol, and the smell and the vapors can certainly cause pulmonary irritation or irritation of the lungs,” said Dr. David Wheat, Specialist at Clinton Family Medicine.

Chief Welborn said once they ventilated the indoor pool area the fumes cleared out. The incident appears to be an isolated incident.