JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – As Greyhound weights a relocation from the City of Jackson, Vicksburg may be the future home of the bus service.

According to Ward 5 Councilman Vernon Hartley, Greyhound has been looking at locations along Highway 80 for a new bus stop.

With a large homeless population in that area, Hartley has been advocating for a different location.

“We have an increasing amount of homeless folks walking up and down our streets. Until we can get the homeless issue under control, then I don’t want to potentially put another business there that’s going to attract more homeless folks,” he said.

Greyhound has relocated twice from its West Capitol Street location due to poor facility conditions and large homeless populations.

Once home to a Greyhound station, Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs welcomes the possibility.

“What they do is they provide service to a population that may not be able to fly, may not be able to do some other things as a means to be transported. I think it’s a win-win for Vicksburg because it’s important for our people to be able to have access to transportation,” said Flaggs.

For Jackson, losing Greyhound would leave many neighbors without affordable transportation.

“There’s a lot of citizens of Jackson who need the service. We really need them to stay, we really need them not to move. They need to find the location that’s going to fit their needs while also being a good part of the community,” said Hartley.

According to Hartley, there’s no timeline in place for Greyhound to relocate, if they decide to do so.