Woman crawls to safety after trees flatten house

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A Vicksburg woman crawled out of her home to safety after it was flattened by trees. 

Her nephew David O’Neal owns the house and while it is a total loss, he is relieved his aunt wasn’t killed.

“I’ve been living in my truck. I’ve been sleeping in my truck for the last two days”

O’Neal says the storm was so bad and the damage was so severe, he didn’t recognize his house until he drove past it. 

“I passed the house, didn’t know the house. It was raining so bad I got way down here before I noticed I went too far”

“This was the foundation this was my ally walkthrough, and this was the house. I could put my hand on the house right here”

His Aunt has just survived a fire in her home and now a tornado.

“My Auntie just moved in. Her house caught on fire down the road and she was in there when it fell. This is where my auntie crawled out of. So this is where she crawled out of? She crawled out of this hole right here.”

O’Neal has asked for privacy for his Aunt who is recovering from minor injuries.

“She had made it up the road so I gave her a holler and she let me know she was ok and the hard part was over”

The family hopes to find temporary FEMA housing once the power is back on in Vicksburg.

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