Yazoo Co. authorities turn to High Water Rescue Trucks to get through flood

Local News

Roads and properties underwater have forced locals and first responders in Yazoo County to get creative when driving around. 

While many roads and properties across Yazoo County remain under several feet of water locals and first responders are relying on new ways of transportation to stay afloat.

No matter where you want to go in western Yazoo County, up to five feet of water will stand in your way.

“It’s advised not to use it, but you know we can’t stop people but you know it’s very dangerous,” Holly Bluff Fire Chief Glen Reams said. “They’re putting their lives in jeopardy being on this road and first responders who have to come get them.”

So to keep protecting the public while accessing flooded areas the county has given out several high water rescue trucks for fire departments to use.

“We go in and send supplies in around Holly Bluff and transport electric guys in if they need to get in there and pull somebody’s meter,” Reams continued. “Bring meals in and just checking on them. We got it here for law enforcement in case they need to come down here and patrol.”

With some having no access to boats, makes the high water rescue truck crucial for saving a life.

“It’s nice to have it on standby like the ambulance,” Reams explained. “We got it and we can be there in just a few minutes. Time is critical; when someone’s in this water it’s critical.”

Local fire departments and Yazoo County Emergency Management are available 24/7 for anyone in need of assistance. Their contact information is, Yazoo County Emergency Management – 662-571-0378. Holly Bluff Fire Chief Glen Reams – 662-571-3881.

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