Yazoo County flooding puts local agriculture in danger

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Major flooding is having a major impact on farms in the delta with fields turning into lakes.

Planting season is only a few weeks away but right now farms in Yazoo County are taken over by the Yazoo River.  Many are anxious to find out when this will end.

 What are usually acres of land ready to grow corn, soy beans and other crops this time of year is now underwater bringing most farming to a standstill.


“Out front there is the river which usually would be farming this time of the year because they’d prep for farming,” John Roberts said. ”But right now it’s all water.”

“I farm right at 4,000 acres and all of its underwater except for about two hundred,” Holly Bluff farmer Clay Adock told us.

Many expect major delays till they can start planting.

“Corn would start around this time and go all the way till April and that will be out of the question in most areas around here,” Adock explained. “Then after that soy beans and cotton start so we’ll see how that develops.”


Locals fear it will be a big financial hit.

“All our lively hood is in the farms,” Yazoo farmer JV Barnes Jr. Stated. “So you can’t plant anything in water so we just have to pray to god for what he’s doing and you can’t do any more than that.”

Most field flooding is now backing up to homes. One family showed me they’re relying on pumps to keep their yards dry and push water back into the fields.

“That water stays there long enough it affects the wood and everything else,” Roberts said. “The house can shift and all kinds of things can happen.”

In response Yazoo County Emergency Management held a town meeting in Holly Bluff reaching out to the public with tips and help.

“Emergency management starts at home,” Jack Willingham of Yazoo Emergency Management said. “So they need to have a plan and be prepared to move if needed and we made preparations in town by having a shelter on standby. It will be at the L.T Miller Center at 903 Lamar Ave. in Yazoo City.”
County emergency officials said they will have someone on call 24/7 for anybody who needs help or has questions about the flooding. Those numbers are 662-746-1569, and 662-571-0378.

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