YAZOO COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Yazoo County Board of Supervisors hired an outside appraiser to provide figures for the upcoming fiscal year’s millage rate.

The Yazoo Herald reported Bruce Templeton has assisted the Yazoo County Tax Assessor’s office before. Supervisors said they were concerned Tax Assessor Denise Robertson would not provide the figures needed for the millage rates before August.

The newspaper reported that Templeton found an $11 million difference in Robertson’s assessed value figures for the county in 2021. She stated that her information was correct. The $10,798,415 difference would have led to a tax increase in the county.

Templeton was paid $1,500 by the county the first time he was hired, according to the newspaper. Supervisors said he would be paid from the tax assessor’s budget this time.