Local pastors address Jackson crime crisis


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson’s crime crisis was the focus of some local pastors on Sunday. With the city on pace to top last year’s record homicide total, pastors are praying for Jackson to rise up against crime and heal.

One of the latest shootings over the weekend impacted the New Horizon Church community with the son of one of their members shot on Saturday, but Bishop Ronnie Crudup is not losing faith in him.

“We’re thankful he’s now stable and that’s a big part of it because he could have been dead but the Lord spared him. So that’s an attention-getter. We think there’s going to be some changes after this,” said Senior Pastor of New Horizon Ronnie Crudup.

During service at Mount Helm Baptist Church Pastor CJ Rhodes preached in times like these it’s easy for many in Jackson to feel alone and lose hope pushing people to do the crime, but Pastor Rhodes said with the church you always have family and support.

“Gospel glasses give us a different perspective to help us see what’s beyond in front of us. Things that truly matter for us as human beings. Very often those who find a sense of hope or way out are less likely to commit crimes,” said Pastor Rhodes.

Looking to the future on a day like Easter, Jackson pastors want to see more families together to heal their community and celebrate their faith to move forward.

“The resurrection speaks to we’ve got power and authority to go after and change whatever the negatives are and we need to take that into everyday life for man,” said Bishop Crudup.

“Valuing and seeing others helps goes a long way and so when it comes to church, one of the great benefits of being in church you’re more likely to advance to college or workforce because there’s a community around them saying we believe in you,” said Pastor Rhodes.

Church leaders said leading by example can keep young people on the right path and keep them from turning to trouble on the streets.

Both pastor Rhodes and Crudup plan to keep relating everyday crime and issues going on around Jackson to their service messages with the Bible and anyone looking for redemption is always welcomed.

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