Local restaurant deals chicken shortage as prices increase


Chicken wings at Abner’s in Brandon on April 28, 2021 (Photo: Kate Cornell/12 News)

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – For about a year now, a chicken shortage has caused restaurants all over the U.S. to make adjustments to their menus and prices. Industry experts are saying the shortage might be here to stay.

Locally owned restaurants have felt the impact of the shortage, including Abner’s in Brandon. The restaurant’s manager said, “Our chicken cases have gone up about $30 to $40, and the wings have gone up about $30-$40 as well.”

The manager said the prices have gone up because providers are also having issues of their own.

“From what we understand, the manufacturers can’t get people to come to work,” he said.

There has been a demand for chicken during the pandemic. Take-out orders are at an all-time high, and chicken tends to travel well during deliveries.

Some weeks, it’s not hard to work around, but on game days, it is a whole different story.

“We’ve run out of chicken plenty of times. We’d have to shut down the store a few times because we couldn’t get the product we needed to sell. After the ice storm, we were having problems getting plastic products because the resident factory in Texas is one of the largest producers of it. So, we’re having a hard time getting plastic and Styrofoam as well,” the manager said.

Although prices have gone up for the Abner’s, they said their prices have not increased for customers just yet.

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