BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – A waitress in Brandon, who wasn’t scheduled to work on Friday, received a $1,000 tip from a customer.

Taylor Hegwood works at Jake’s restaurant in Brandon. She shared a picture of the receipt that shows the $1,000 tip on social media.

Courtesy: Taylor Hegwood

Hegwood stated on Facebook, “At a time when this world is literally at war, and I feel so overwhelmed at times just trying to keep up, there comes a reminder, an unexpected reminder. GOD IS ALWAYS SO, SO GOOD.”

The customer who gave Hegwood the tip wrote at the bottom of the receipt that they didn’t plan to be at the restaurant on Friday either. They also wrote Matthew 6:31-34.

“I wasn’t even supposed to work today, and I had made that comment. I had 1,000 other things that I NEEDED to get taken care of today, and instead I told myself, ‘Taylor, you can’t pay for the next thing if you don’t go to work every chance you get.’ So I went without hesitation. God knew all along. He absolutely knew,” said Hegwood.