Councilman Aaron Banks holds town hall about waste removal contract


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Trash talk continues in the City of Jackson. Councilman Aaron Banks conducted a town meeting Tuesday night.

Repeated failed negotiations among city leaders and Waste Management left Jackson on the brink of a crisis. As time winds down with just over 48 hours remaining on the city’s current waste removal contract, tensions are rising.

Thursday, September 30, could possibly be Jackson’s last trash day until an agreement is met.

“I’m hoping it will happen soon. The main thing is that I believe the council took all the actions that it could to make sure come Friday that we don’t have trash piling up,” said Banks.

Council members hope for the mayor’s signature for the proposed 30-day extension with Waste Management.

 “What I want is to make sure we have effective service, we treat our workers right, and we also have a solution to how we pick up our litter,” said Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba.

The mayor remained steadfast on his position Tuesday. Following a city council meeting, he elected not to comment on any future legal actions against his council.

People who live in Jackson attended both meetings to express their frustration with the looming crisis. One Jackson woman stated, “In metropolitan cities that get once a week services with a garbage bin and their streets are clean.”

“Y’all get something in place to make sure that they are taken care of,” added local preacher Greg Divinity.

Employees of Waste Management are calling for city leaders to do something about their stressful work environment. A former Waste Management employee stated, “It wasn’t about a new company. It was about the treatment. I know a lot of people that are no longer here now because of the treatment.”

According to Banks, FCC Environmental Services won the mayor’s bid but was voted down by city council twice.

The city council still wants the mayor to sign the 30-day extension with Waste Management in order to keep waste removal service in the city. Failure to do so could resort in a daily $25,000 fine. The expectation is that the temporary extension plan will grant the mayor enough time to perform another RFP process.

Council Banks stated that he has been working with Hinds County Supervisors to develop a backup plan if an agreement is not met.

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