Councilman Stokes: “Convenience stores need to be held accountable over security concerns”


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Councilman Kenneth Stokes is calling for convenience stores to be held accountable. 

He’s bringing attention to an ordinance that was passed months ago, mandating convenience stores that stay open twenty four hours to have security. Councilman Stokes said stores with security are less likely to have illegal activity.

“Well number one, when they see the presence of security they’re less likely to commit crimes. I think at the location on Lynch Street they were saying people were gambling at a lot of these convenience stores. They [sell] dope, smoking dope, doing all types of illegal activities at these convenience stores,” said Stokes.

He added, We must nip it in the bud. We cannot turn our backs and bury our heads in the sand like there’s no illegal activity taking place at these convenience stores. Let’s put some security and let’s make sure that we let the public know you ain’t gonna do that at these convenience stores any longer.”

Councilman Stokes said in order for this to happen, the community and the police must work together to identify those who fail to do the “right thing.”

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