Two time spelling bee participant Sydney Cooley took home the gold after winning the Vicksburg Warren School District annul spelling bee. The sixth grader says she worked really hard to make it this far and, “That really comes from confidence. You really have to have a lot of confidence in yourself and you can’t really have low self-esteem.”

The winner continued by telling her fellow classmates not to focus so much on what people have, “you have to just focus on the main goal which is being somebody.” Being what you want to be in life.”

Since she was little she tells 12 News she’s always wanted to become an entrepreneur. “I’m not sure what business but I’ve always wanted to be my own boss basically and I want to work hard for what I want and not work hard for what someone else wants.”

“I just want everyone to know that when you do get a chance to win humble yourself and don’t be cocky and arrogant. Humble and just keep working hard.”