Digital First: Young men praised for returning wallet in Vicksburg


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Honesty did not go unnoticed in Vicksburg. The city’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen recognized two young men on Monday for returning a wallet to its rightful owner.

Duane Williams and Tywon Lloyd were presented with a proclamation, and they each received a $50 reward from Mayor George Flaggs.

On July 29, Mack Varner was in Jackson for a funeral when he received a call from his office that Williams and Lloyd returned it.

When Varner asked if there was anything in the wallet, he was told, “Yep, you did have $500 in your wallet, now you have $300 because we tipped them both real good.”

Varner got the boys’ names and phone numbers and later called them.

“Everything was in there. I did have my card, and they found my name in my address and they returned it to me. Everything was in there that was in the wallet. Two or three credit cards,” he said.

Williams said his grandmother, Juanita Dunn, found the wallet on Mission 66 and made her way through traffic to get it. Dunn was going out of town, so she gave it to her grandson to return it. Williams found one of Varner’s business cards, got the address of his office and took the wallet there.

“I was told about these two phenomenal young men,” Flaggs said. “I get so sick and tired about everything I see on the news that’s negative, when it comes to young black boys in the city of Vicksburg and around this state. And I want you to be able to witness what two young black boys did in this city.”


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