JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Gas prices are the highest they have been in seven years, and the rise has been fueled by COVID restrictions from oil companies.

“I am hoping they go back down to at least $2.00,” said driver Graftie McDaniels.

“I just hope it could go back to being normal. You know, I don’t think we will ever see that again,” said driver Gloria Gonnillini.

According to the website Gas Buddy, gas prices have seen an uptick in the last month as oil prices grow at three percent, surpassing $80 per barrel.

“The average price in Jackson about $2.92 a gallon that’s about a dollar in ten cents more than last year,” said Patrick De Hann, head of petroleum analysis for Gas Buddy.
Hann said rising prices come after loosened COVID-19 restrictions that have led to a high demand.

“All of this happening in part due to COVID-19 demand, initially plummeting the start of the pandemic but has come roaring back that miss-match between supply and demand is pushing up oil prices and gas prices,” De Hann said.

De Hann said to navigate the most affordable gas prices in your area, you can download the Gas Buddy app.