RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Whether you are a high school athlete or a senior citizen, increasing your core strength and flexibility can improve your quality of life.

While I’m not particularly daring or young, I tried out the trapeze. It’s a new kind of workout, that, for now, is only offered at the Club at Township in Ridgeland. Certified instructor Shannon Lamoreaux showed me the ropes.

She explained, “This is something that is new and exciting and innovative. It’s also very much stress releasing. So come out and try something new. I guarantee that you will enjoy it and walk away with lots of benefits.”

It’s the sling that separates trapeze from traditional workouts. It allows you hang upside down. That’s called an inversion, and it’s good for you back, and hits your core like never before.

Victoria Burrow also tried the trapeze for the first time.

She said, “It was pretty challenging, but in a good way. It wasn’t so difficult that you couldn’t do it, but it challenged different muscles than you would normally work.”

It will also liven up those lats.

Shannon added, “We do a lot of pulling, so we develop the upper body more than regular mat yoga. We develop grip strength, and you really have to use your core to balance.”

The Club has 8 slings. Shannon always demonstrates what to do, then walks around help folks pull of the moves they can.

“Don’t be intimidated. Anyone of any age, any level of fitness can do exactly what they would like to do.”

Classes run between 45 minutes and an hour, and believe me, you’ll know you did something.

Valerie agreed, saying, “It’s fun, and it’s new, and you’re definitely going to have fun and get a good workout when you are doing it.”

And get this, workouts always end up with a gentle rock. Like the chrysalis emerging from the cocoon. Shannon likes to measure her students before and after class. They usually grow at least an inch because their spine decompresses.