Guns confiscated in Canton after neighbors tip off police


CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) – In Canton, several guns were taken off the streets after concerned neighbors tipped off police.

Police Chief Otha Brown said neighbors called police after they saw teenagers walking down the street with guns. He said the men were not making threats, but those passing by were scared for their safety.

Brown said eight guns were seized and 10 suspects were arrested.

“We did retrieve all the guns. With all the shooting that’s been going on, we’re trying to link some of the guns to some of the shootings and some of the shell casings that we’re retrieving when we go to these shootings,” he stated.

On Thursday, Brown said seven men, ranging in age from 18 to 27, were walking along North West Street with guns in their belts. As they passed by several homes, frightened neighbors called the police.

“As people was passing by, they was just out there. They weren’t making no threats towards no one that they could see, but it just didn’t look right with teenagers out in the streets with guns,” said Brown.

An AR-15 rifle and a stolen handgun from Vicksburg were among the weapons recovered. The police chief said this was a perfect example of community policing, and he hopes more people will do the same.

“With them seeing something, saying something and helping us get these guns and kids that’s out of control, getting them off the street. It’s someone concerned about the City of Canton other than the police department. You know, it could have been their child or their niece, nephew or their grandchild. So, all that they do to show that they appreciate us and all that we do, it means a lot it really do. It really do,” said Brown.

He said the crime lab will be able to run ballistics on the recovered guns to see if any of them are connected to other cases in Canton.

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