Hinds Co. Republican Party strengthens staff to avoid poll errors


While county political parties make final preparations at precincts for tomorrow’s runoff there are still concerns with how polling stations operate. 

In Hinds County, four locations experienced problems for people to casting their votes.

The issues ranged from poll workers not showing up, to machines going down, and voter information getting lost. So far getting ballots to the polls went smoothly and party leaders expect it to continue tomorrow. 

With round one of the August primaries done candidates and county party leaders are urging voters to get their voices heard in the runoffs. 

“Please come out and vote tomorrow just come out and vote polls are open at 7:00 a.m. and open till 7:00 p.m.,” Chairwoman Jacqueline Amos of Hinds County Democrats said. “And don’t let all these ballots go to waste. It’s only going to take 2-3 minutes there are only a couple of races on the ballot.”

That experience was more troubling for Republican voters in Raymond and the Oak Forest precinct in Jackson. They came to a polling station without workers to give out ballots. 

“We had a couple that didn’t show up when they were supposed to,” Chairman Pete Perry of Hinds County Republicans stated. “We had to shift some people around when someone didn’t show up for work, we had to shift someone over there to go fill in.”

The headache continued over at the Pine View Church in Clinton where incorrect ballots were issued to Republican voters. Since then Perry and his team say this has been addressed. 

“We had members of the party down here getting stuff prepared the last week instead of relying on the county to do it,” Chairman Perry continued. “One poll worker who came in late she’s not working again, and we got new poll workers for those who didn’t show up we got someone to take their place.”

Chairman Perry also pointed out the high number of polling stations in Hinds County blaming that for making accountability for votes difficult. 

“There are 108 precincts in Hinds County which is about a little more than two times too many,” Chairman Perry said. “Jackson County for example has 32, Rankin County has 50, we have 108. That’s one reason it takes so muchto get things done here and that’s why elections cost twice than what they ought to cost.”

To find out where your polling place is log on to your county website. 

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