HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The fireworks came in early at a special meeting of the Hinds County Board with President Credell Calhoun (District 3) trying to remove fellow Supervisor David Archie (District 2) as vice president and president-elect. Archie made it clear he would not go quietly.

“He will not bring anything to the board. You cannot, you cannot hear,” Archie yelled.

The county clerk could not hear the motion for Archie’s removal. Calhoun even went up to the county clerk to try to get the motion passed with two supervisors on board. Eventually, Calhoun just decided to end the meeting early, making the entire meeting last only about ten minutes.

This didn’t stop Archie and Supervisor Robert Graham (District 1) from continuing to hold a discussion about the other issues that were on the agenda, like rental assistance and roads. Graham was the only supervisor to support Archie.

“Some people may not agree with his tactics or anything like that, but he’s very passionate about what he does. Everything that he does or anything he has said up until this particular point I can agree with,” said Graham.

Just last week, Archie accused Calhoun of mishandling taxpayer dollars through a re-entry program made to help formerly incarcerated people find work.

Archie said he will do whatever it takes to keep his position, calling Calhoun ‘a political con-man’ and called the meeting a ‘clown show.’

“Because of the mentality that Supervisor Calhoun carries, acting like a dictator, acting like a political con-man. He just feels like he can con his way through. I brought the law with me to make absolutely sure that he does what’s right,” said Archie.