JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Hinds County Supervisor David Archie defended his actions on Monday after he was arrested during a Board meeting last week. He said he plans to take legal action against the Board.

On Thursday, Archie was removed from the meeting after repeated outbursts and name-calling. He has five charges filed against him, including resisting arrest and destruction of property.

The supervisor said his arrest was unwarranted.

“I was placed in handcuffs. Representative John Lewis was placed in handcuffs almost 40 times, and many of those times was while he was an elected official. I think it’s better fit that these sheriff deputies are out in the streets doing their job. Ain’t no crime being committed in here, no real offenses,” he stated.

“This is supposed to be five intelligent young men on this board. There’s no need for name-calling,” said Supervisor Bobby McGowan.

Archie said he plans to file a lawsuit against the Board, but Supervisor Robert Graham won’t be named in the suit. Archie’s arrest happened one day after he was voted out as vice president and president-elect of the Board.

There is no word on when another board member will be named vice president.