JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some important historical artifacts are struggling to beat the heat because of the lack of air conditioning in a downtown Jackson building.

The International Museum of Muslim Cultures, which is inside the Mississippi Arts Center, has been without AC for about two months. 

President and cofounder Okolo Rashid said the Arts Commission and Department of Human and Cultural Services are coordinating with city leaders to get the air conditioning back working. 

Rashid said she was told that the city would have the AC back working by late September or early October. If this is not the case, the museum will have to move the artifacts. 

“We are monitoring the manuscripts, and they are doing okay. But if we are not able to get the air condition within the next month or so, we’re going to have to collect them all and take them to a place where they can be secure because, it’s the temperature. It’s not just the heat itself, but it’s the heat with the moisture,” she said.

Rashid said she met with City Council to express how important it is for artifacts to have the proper care they need and their importance in history.