Jackson business owner upset with sewage, infrastructure problems in Ward 3


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The owner of a Jackson restaurant said he’s upset with the City of Jackson. Eddie Carson, the owner of Eddie’s Soul Food, said the city’s infrastructure problems have cost him thousands of dollars.

Carson said the problem is the smell of sewage coming from drainage problems outside his restaurant.

“If somebody would just come out and look at it, then they might want to help me out with this problem that I got,” he said.

Carson claimed he spent more than $4,000 to keep his restaurant open, and he said the issue is with the city’s drainage.

“The city lines are all collapsed and outdated. They need replacing. I mean, it’s a mess over here, and we just can’t get any help from the city.”

A third of the parking lot is blocked off, preventing people from going into the business. Carson’s business is located in Councilman Kenneth Stokes’ ward (Ward 3). The councilman said the problem needs to be fixed and that he’s raised the issue with the City Council.

“All the other houses up there on Lewis Street are kind of on the hill. If you look, you can see it, and everything runs down hill. And when it gets down here, it can’t go any farther,” said Carson.

He said there have been several occasions where the sewer drainage has entered his business, leaving behind a horrible smell.

“I asked them if they would only send a truck out to maybe blow some of this stuff out of here, to get it off of me until we can do something else different. I can’t even get that to happen,” stated Carson.

12 News reached out to Jackson City Hall for more information, and we are waiting to hear back from them.

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