Jackson mayor holds State of the City Address


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba held the virtual State of the City Address on Thursday. One issue discussed was the latest spike in violent crimes in Jackson this year alone.

Mayor Lumumba said that city government and law enforcement officers will continue to work hard to fight the spike, but it is also all hands on deck as a community.

The mayor said one thing people can do to help meet them in the middle is to engage with the youth in the city.

“We all had limited when we were 13 and 14, so what seems like a really serious issue to me at 13 and 14 is a distant memory to me at 37. We have to engage these young people. We’re looking at a number of alternatives not only from the employment side, but in terms of safe houses and how the community can get engaged,” said Mayor Lumumba.

City Council President Aaron Banks said overall, he is pleased with the mayor’s address, but that he would like to focus more on police as well.

“2020 is not even done yet, but we had 42 officers leave our department. Those are things that we seriously have to look at and address,” said Banks.

Banks said he was particularly impressed with the way the mayor and his administration has handled the pandemic, but that crime is a place where they can improve.

Mayor Lumumba said that Jackson’s community strength and unity will be a key part of putting an end to the violent crimes.


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