Lawsuits filed against City of Jackson over drinking water


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Lawsuits have been filed against the City of Jackson and other former and current government officials due to the city’s drinking water. The lawsuits claim the city’s water had become contaminated with toxic lead.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiffs are all children living in Jackson. They are seeking damages for the violation of their constitutional rights.

The complaint, which was filed on Tuesday, noted city leaders found out that lead levels were going up in the well water in 2014, and the city switch its water source to the Pearl River and Ross Barnett Reservoir. The complaint stated the city did not take steps to determine the safety of the new water source.

The city switched back to the well water as its primary drinking source in August 2015. The complaint stated the city didn’t properly warn neighbors of the issues associated with the well water or the Pearl River and Ross Barnett Reservoir water.

The lawsuits were filed by Corey M. Stern, a partner at Levy Konigsberg. Jackson attorneys, Rogen K. Chhabra and Darryl M. Gibbs of the firm Chhabra & Gibbs, are working with Stern to represent more than 600 children.

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