Refill Jackson Initiative prepares young adults with workforce skills


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While much of the workforce has been affected by COVID-19, Refill Jackson Initiative is setting its members up with confidence skills needed to navigate the workforce.

The ten week program focuses on resume building and communication skills to set young adults ages 18 to 24 on a success track toward their aspirations.

Throughout the program, members spend their time developing a plan for their future and are enabled with help to execute that plan.

Young adults who attend this program receive a stipend for attending, intended to also teach students about maintaining gainful employment.

“Through our training program what we seek to do is to support young adults in an environment where they are gaining skills, practicing those skills, and getting feedback on certain competencies such as communication and team work and initiative. So, they are then able to develop some confidence and motivation as they move forward past graduation and into the workforce,” said Jordan Butler, VP of Education and Training.

Students who successfully complete the program have access to take advantage of opportunities such as a paid internship at a local business, full time employment or further their education.


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