Retailers brace for heavy foot traffic on the eve of Powerball and Mega Millions coming to Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – By Thursday morning if you stop at your local gas station chances are they’re offering a shot for you to win millions.

It’s the Powerball and Mega Millions making there first day of sales in Mississippi. At places like the RaceWay gas station, one of the first to offer scratch offs when they became available, they’er expecting foot traffic to shoot back up for the Powerball and Mega Million tickets.

This optimism was shown by many customers anxiously waiting for the first day of Powerball and Mega Millions tickets.

“I always feel lucky so that’s why I play,” Vivian White told us.

“I think it’s a good thing that it’s coming to Mississippi because it should have been here a long time ago,” Jeffery James said.

How it works is when you purchase a ticket for $2 you pick five numbers between 1-70. You can also do quick play if you want the terminal to choose the numbers for you. Then pick your one mega ball number in the yellow.

“Very anxious we’ve been getting a lot of people and it’s been crowded,” Raceway Cashier Arenise Montgomery said.

To get the new tickets in and systems ready its been all hands on deck for store employees at hundreds of eligible retailers across Mississippi.

“New tickets came in so I’m going to have to set them up and get ready for the Powerball and the mega ball,” Montgomery continued. “Lady came in today and she was teaching us how to get ready and they’re suppose to come back tomorrow and help us out some.”

Since scratch off ticket sales were approved the state of Mississippi has seen over $7.6 million come back into the lottery fund budget. Customers hope adding these new games will put more towards road projects and education.

“I think it will be great for tourists and people coming through Mississippi,” Jeffery James stated. “So they can also get a chance to play Powerball and the mega millions and so on.”

Jackpots in the Mississippi Mega Millions start at a minimum of $40 million if all six of your numbers are called. But before you get your hopes up the odds of winning it all is more than 1 in 302,000,000.

“I’d payoff all my bills,” White said. “I’d set my children up, and my grand children up. I would then retire.”

“Whatever I’ve been missing out on,” James said. “You know vacations and donate a lot of it.”

One common motto we’ve seen everywhere is “play responsibly” and if you feel you’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to gambling there’s a hotline number you call located at the bottom of every ticket. That number is 1-888-777-9696.

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