River City native works to keep crimes down by dressing up


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV)- Studies show dressing up has a lot to do with how you feel and potentially how others look at you. In fact, experts say if you want to feel more powerful and confident, dress up.

That is the case for Vicksburg native Larry walker. Walker has years of experience in media with an emphasis on being a photographer and running his business, ‘Skywalker Photography”. He is doing this by taking a different approach to the clothes that he wears.

Larry believes “ Just from as simple as dress code to just everyday life. Just everyday ways of life. That’s what we want to try to create a new standard to defeat stereotypes”.

The passion to complete this type of project comes from seeing negativity and wanting to do something about it.

“ It’s so much of light shined on negativity to where the positivity is kind of taking the back burner. I just want to re-create positivity and professionalism and a great character in men in the community”.

-Larry Walker

With the most recent crime stats released from the mayor’s office, this community leader feels that dressing up will help build on that foundation.

Crime stats released from the mayor’s office.

“That actually would help create a different mindset. That’s towards making better decisions. And that all has to do with character”

-Larry Walker

At the end of the day, Larry credits his parents and wants to help the next generation like his father helped him.

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