Getting the lottery through the legislature


One-on-One with State Representative Alyce Clarke

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– We talked to the woman behind the lottery.
Last year, the Senate approved the Alyce G. Clarke Mississippi Lottery Law, honoring the state representative.

Representative Alyce Clarke never gave up on the lottery.

“Every year for about 20 years, I would do it and if I wouldn’t file the bill and if anything would come up with the codes in it,” said Rep. Clarke. ” I would add it to the bill. I would say 20 plus years or 20 plus times”

Religious groups opposed the lottery, and it was long-debated.

“There are some people for some reason who say they are Christians and they don’t believe in the lottery but the thing about that, that really got to me was when you get to having the Powerball and any of the others where you’re going to get to having the big money, if you go to your neighboring states, Louisiana, Tennessee or anywhere across the bridge most of the cars over there guess what
tags they have on them, Mississippi,” said Clarke.

Now Mississippi is joining 44 other states to have a lottery.

“I wanted it to be education, then roads and bridges,” explains Clarke. “If we had started
when we were trying to get it started, our roads and bridges would not have been in the condition that we find them in now, but now they’re in such bad condition I understand why we need to do that first so we can get our children to the schools.”

The first $80 million will go towards infrastructure.

“The thing is, I just want to make sure that somebody will help us make sure that we do what we say we’re going to do with the money that we will rebuild our roads, rebuild our bridges, and educate our children and not find somewhere else to put it in,” said Clarke.

On Monday, Representative Clarke will be the first person to get a scratch-off ticket!

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