Two women injured after crash in Jackson, witnesses pulled them from crash


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – The actions of two men witnessing a car crash in Jackson may be the difference in the lives of the two drivers involved being saved. The crash put one car in flames and both in ruins.

Neither Curtis Tillis nor Ontario Smiley of Jackson considers themselves heroes but neighbors say otherwise after the two witnessed the crash both sprung into action caring for both drivers until help arrived.

Right before 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon homeowners around the Suncrest Dr. Branch St. intersection was rocked with a loud bang.

“Just seen the cars coming and we’ve seen the impact because I stay right at the corner,” Tillis said. “It was just very scary.”

“I was over my cousin’s house and rode my bike over there and seen the accident,” Smiley told us. “So it was just in my heart to help.”

The woman driving the red Nissan was heading north on Suncrest t-boning the silver Nissan Altima crossing at the Branch St. intersection. The car then caught flames throwing the driver from the car.

“First thing we did when we pulled her out of the car, we were trying to make sure everything was ok,” Tillis explained. “She had a gash on her leg and one on her foot. Another lady she actually flew out of the car, we tried to put a cool towel on her face. A lot more people were out here helping to.”

Both women from each car stayed conscious until AMR arrived taking them to the hospital. Both men are thankful it didn’t end worse.

“No, I can’t say I’m a hero I just had to do that,” Tillis added. “I don’t look for nothing or nothing like that. I just was listening to my heart to actually help.”

“Just being an outstanding citizen,” Smiley stated. “Just helping out that’s all I can say.”

Witnesses also described a red SUV being followed closely by the silver Nissan around the neighborhood who then fled the scene after the crashed.

Jackson Police are investigating the crash. But neighbors added Suncrest needs speed bumps and more stop signs put on the road to control traffic and speeders.


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