Vicksburg animal shelter experiences overcrowding, animals may be euthanized


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The City of Vicksburg’s Animal Shelter is seeing an influx of animals. Now, they are working to get the animals adopted before having to euthanize them.

The shelter is trying to find the animals a home by the end of the week. Leaders said it’s been more than two years since the shelter had to euthanize an animal, but now cages are filling up quickly.

Kacie Lindsey, who is the animal control supervisor, said, “It’s warm, so cats are having kittens everywhere. They’re coming in by the dozen. We need a lot of cages open. I have no dog ones at this time. I have 39 cat cages, and only one is open that just opened up this morning.”

Lindsey said one of the issues is that all of the dogs they have available will all grow into large dogs, which many people don’t want. Also, some of the dogs have been getting heartworms from mosquitoes. However, the shelter is willing to work with you.

“You’ll get a vet reference. We’ll waive the vet fee, and we’ll provide you with the 30 days of doxy to being their treatment,” Lindsey stated.

Vicksburg’s shelter started to become overcrowded a few weeks ago, but a few rescues stepped in and took some animals.

If you would like to adopt from the shelter, cats and kittens are $30 each and dogs are $65 each. The animals can be transported to other cities and even other states.

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