Vicksburg tenants upset after trees damage homes during storms


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Two families in Vicksburg said they need help after their homes were destroyed during this week’s storms.

Jennifer Ashley and Garrod Bunch live next door to each other on Jefferson Street. They said they were inside their homes when they heard the trees fall.

“Monday, I was in my bed sleep, and the storm just went boom,” said Ashley.

“I heard a loud boom noise. I was outside then my baby came crying, my son. He was like ‘the tree fell through the crib,'” explained Bunch.

The trees damaged the kitchen in Bunch’s home. As for Ashley’s home, the trees went through several parts of the house. They said they’re stuck in the homes, because many of the local hotels are full of evacuees from Hurricane Ida.

“Motels, they booked up. We tried to get help from FEMA or the Red Cross or whatever, but they saying they’re helping the Louisiana people out,” Bunch said.

Ashley said she had to go to the emergency room Monday night, because she was hit in the head by debris. She said all of this is happening to her during an already tough time.

“My momma died on the 10th of August. It’s just me and my little brother right now. It’s difficult times right now,” she said.

Both Ashley and Bunch rent their homes from the same landlord. 12 News spoke to the landlord show said the tenants can move out, but he will not return the security deposits due to owed rent.

“We asked for our deposit. He said we ain’t getting no deposit back, because we were supposed to be paying rent. But then this came through, so this is the reason why we ain’t pay rent,” said Bunch.

“He want his rent money. He says we are not getting our $400 deposit back. He keeps saying call FEMA saying they cannot help,” said Ashley.

The landlord said the trees fell from a neighbor’s property, and he plans to sue them. He also said the trees fell on Wednesday and not during Monday’s storm, so he has not had time to get them removed.

In the meantime, the tenants said they just want their security deposits back, so they can find a new place to stay.

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